mardi 23 août 2011


Le projet "BEAT LOVE DOWN" tiré par Jeremy Peter Allen du recueil à succès "Bang Crunch" de Neil Smith entre en phase de financement. Voici le résumé de ce projet qui sera tourné en anglais par le réalisateur Jeremy Peter Allen.

Four intertwining stories about people searching for love... and not being sure they like what they find. Love turns out to be a struggle: a new mother can’t bring herself to love her premature baby; a middle-aged woman pushes herself to start dating again after her husband’s death; a sporty teenaged boy discovers he might be gay; and a group of nice, caring people form a support group to try and understand why the love they spread around isn’t reflected back at them. Like the young lovers in Romeo and Juliet (the play being staged in one of the stories), the characters discover love that is strange, elusive, worrisome and sometimes tragic. Love appears impossible, yet it drags the characters toward it like moths to a flame. The resulting stories are bittersweet, exuberant,quirky and oddly beautiful.
Marianne Farley et Alex Bisping sont notamment pressentis au sein du casting. Le projet sera distribué par FilmOption International.

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